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Coaching services

You deserve the opportunity to reach your creative potential; to love your perfectly imperfect self, to be joyful in your relationships and be fulfilled by the work or career you choose.

You own the right to experience a deeply resilient recovery; whether you have young sobriety, or you have been around for years. Whether you have been in and out of recovery, struggling to get traction or you are stable but feel the need to do more with your life. You have a natural creativity that is the foundation of your very being.

After a few years or even many years of sobriety, you are often left with these questions:

What’s next? Is that all there is?

What am I still caught up in some of the same destructive behaviours?

Why are my relationships still not going smoothly?

How can I get greater job or career satisfaction?

Imagine living the life you deserve, with confidence;

As your coach, I partner with you to help you discover and take action toward the realization of your goals, visions and desires. You may set out to accomplish these in the early, middle or later stages of recovery from any kind of addiction including alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, and relationships etc.


Besides being a recovering person like you, I have been trained professionally to listen and observe and to tailor my approach to your individual needs. I believe that you are naturally creative, resourceful and RESILIENT. We just need to bring that out of you!


I can help you set better goals, take more action, make better decisions and enable you to use your natural strengths and skills more fully. I provide feedback, an objective perspective and keep you ACCOUNTABLE and on track. I am your biggest cheerleader. I hold your hand and kick your butt. You are responsible for taking the steps and producing the results you want.

my Resilient  Recovery Coaching Packages

2- Hour “Kick-starting My Resilient Recovery” coaching session

This is your personal 2-hour “DEEP DIVE” into some key areas where you would like some guidance and focused coaching. Get a taste of what coaching is and how it can cut through blocks and propel you forward. I’ll help you connect the dots and you’ll gain insight and clarity on such things as:

  • Experiencing greater job/career satisfaction and fulfillment
  • Setting boundaries, managing expectations and being more assertive with family and in other relationships
  • Developing effective relapse prevention plans, tips and techniques
  • Squashing fears, applying radical self-care and feeling more confident
  • Enhancing your communication skills
  • Taking your recovery to a higher level

Price: $   297

The following packages are based on my 7-step My Resilient Recovery Coaching program. I use this program as a framework to guide you through the process, always keeping your individual needs in mind. Here is the path you will take.

  • Getting ready for change
  • Seeking support
  • Navigating unfamiliar territory
  • Handling setbacks and challenges
  • Living in the ambiguity
  • Exploring fresh options and new skills
  • Embracing My Resilient Recovery


3 months- 90 days to creating My Resilient Recovery

This is a 90-day evolution toward increasing resilience into your daily life and recovery to become the supreme version of your sober self. You have the opportunity to delve even more thoroughly into any of the areas mentioned in the 2-hour Deep Dive session. By increasing your self-awareness and self-esteem you will become more resilient and able to deal with challenges and setbacks along the way. You’ll be inspired and empowered to create a personal and powerful vision and action plan for you desired future Included:


5 months- Embracing My Resilient Recovery

It’s one thing to create a vision. It’s another thing to actually take the steps and stay motivated to for it to come to fruition. Here’s your chance to keep up the momentum. Now that you’ve created your magnificently resilient vision (the first 3 months of this program) you will receive two months of added support and direction to help you put your plan into action consistently.

What is the cost of these programs?

Prices range from $1,997 (3-month program paid-in-full) to $2,997 (5-month program paid-in-full)

How is the coaching delivered?

  • You will receive Modules that pertain to each individual step.
  • You will have weekly individual and personalized coaching sessions
  • By phone, Skype or in-person for local clients


Are you ready to invest in yourself and become a RESILIONAIRE?

Get a complimentary 30-minute consultation to see how you can get started on your road to greater resilience in your recovery.